This Task force is working to advance laws and policies that create resources and  
   secure rights and protections for victims at the state level.

   We strive to provide resources for all Maryland communities to become informed  and      educated in the  growing numbers of the missing and unidentified as we support  
   families, law enforcement, and forensic experts in their efforts in locate missing loved
   ones and identify "John and Jane Does".
  This volunteer task force will be open to all with an interest in missing and unidentified      adults and children through out the state. This group will provide an outlet for the   
   families  and volunteers  to join together in sharing information and networking.

   We, the families of the missing know that we could give our loved ones no better
   legacy, then to make a difference because of them. If you would like more information 
   on this task force or need assistance with a missing person, contact us on our    
   contact page provided or click below.
  Bridging the gap to bring
them all home.

The Maryland Task Force for Missing and Unidentified Adults and Children mission is to bring attention to the tragedy of missing and unidentified adults and children to the government and general public in Maryland. We will initiate changes in legislation and lobby for a standard protocol for missing and unidentified persons in support of the Department of Justice goals.

Lobby for legislation that will ensure the comprehensive reporting and investigation of missing and unidentified persons.
Assist authorities (state & federal) in the establishment of an investigative/reporting protocol for missing and unidentified persons.

  * We will work to educate the public, create and increase awareness of missing and unidentified persons.

  * We will work to see that all of Maryland’s missing and unidentified have DNA testing within 30 days and are listed in the NCIC database.

  * We will work with other groups for the formation of a national database for all missing and unidentified persons.

  * We will let our voices be heard.We will speak before any group to bring awareness of the missing and unidentified, adults and children to gather support for the changes that need to be made to reduce their numbers.

Our Mission
We, are the families of Maryland's Missing. We are families who have experienced the pain of having a misssing loved one. Some of us have a long time missing person, some more recent. We share one thing in common, we can no longer stand by and watch how missing person cases and unidenitifed remains are handled in our country. Changes need to be made, and we start within our home state of Maryland
Who we are...
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The Maryland Task Force for the Missing and Unidentified,
Adults and Children