NamUs Press Conference
The Maryland Task Force for the Missing and Unidentified, Adults and Children

  NamUs System Offers New Hope for Families of the Missing
While no family wants to consider what may happen if a loved one goes missing, many families with missing children and adults now have access to a searchable database system. The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System, NamUs, was created by the Department of Justice's Office to meet the growing challenge of the nation’s reporting of missing persons and unidentified decedent cases. The event is being sponsored by The Maryland Task Force for the Missing and Unidentified, Adults and Children. The coalition of many Maryland missing person organizations, advocates, law enforcement and families of the missing will gather at a press conference on May 21, 2009 at 11:00AM, in The Judiciary Education and Conference Center, 2011D Commerce Park Drive Annapolis, Maryland 21401 to recognize National Missing Children’s Day and to learn about the NamUs system.

NamUs is a nationwide database, which will allow law enforcement agencies, investigators, and the public to search nationwide for missing persons by registering in the system. “By coming together as a coalition for the missing and unidentified, we can join forces to help law enforcement in missing persons investigations across the country with tools to help them submit missing person cases free of charge into a national database system that will allow simultaneous searches of missing persons and the unidentified” says Susan Bowerman, a member of the Maryland Task Force. Susan Bowerman is the sister of Bernadette Stevenson Caruso missing since September 1986.”

NamUs brings together two online, searchable databases: unidentified decedents database and missing persons database. The missing person’s database will improve the quality and quantity of missing person’s data and simplify the reporting and management of missing persons cases for the justice community and the public. Law enforcement, medical examiners, coroners, and other members of the justice community, as well as family members will be able to log on to the database to enter data regarding missing persons.

Guest speakers at this event will be Mrs. Carla Proudfoot, Director of the Maryland Center for Missing Children and the Maryland Case Manager for NamUS, Retired Det Lt.Sam Bowerman, a Maryland Task Force member and retired Baltimore County Police Profiler. Also speaking will be Mr. John Wordon, the Human Service Program Manager of the Counseling Team in the Youth & Community Resources Section of the Baltimore County Police Department, and a member of The Missing and Exploited Children’s Association.
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